I’ve decided to learn some new skills to push my limits even further and apply new knowledge to my work. There are lots of topics, skills, things that I would like to learn, but I decided to start with SEO.

Why? Simply because I feel the need to learn how to grow my own business, how to promote my work, how to sell and other marketing and business stuff related. I thought learning SEO would be a way to soak myself with some useful information on how to get my work (the stuff I’m able to build or do today, with my current skills) out there and make it visible in the wild.


I found an interesting resource at The Next Web Academy called The ClickMinded SEO Primer by Tommy Griffith. This resource happens to be free (that’s great to start somewhere) but there is a more indepth and advanced prermium version of it.

I’ll stick to this beginner course and take a grasp of what SEO is.

Notes on The ClickMinded SEO Primer

Introduction to SEO:

Visit Google Webmaster Central for webmaster resources provided by Google.

SEO it’s about making your pages crawlable, indexable and letting search engines find them.

In general there is a 70/30 split between SEO(70%) and SEM(30%). Why SEO it’s so important? Free traffic, where the bast majority of clicks ar going.

Today we tend to refind our query instead of going to the pages that follow. For this reason it’s really important to rank in the top 5 results, which get the 75% of clicks usually.

Google updates it’s algorithm around 500-600 times each year. Most of these changes are minor, but sometimes there are “major” updates that affects search results. To know about this changes visit “Google Algorithm Change History” by Moz.